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11 Signs That You May Have Leaky Gut

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Don’t Treat This Lightly

Not paying attention to what your body is telling you could be detrimental to your health long-term.

Sometimes minor symptoms come and go. But if you are experiencing a multitude of symptoms that have become intolerable, it may be time to take action.

If you’re not sure what to do, that’s okay. Continue to listen to what your body needs and if you’re not sure how to do this please read: That One Supplement I Always Take. There, I discuss briefly, ways to listen to your innerself to gain clarity and guidance.

I would also suggest booking a session with me, I can help.

(Please read my DISCLAIMER.)

What Is Leaky Gut

“Leaky gut also known as increased intestinal permeability, is a digestive condition in which bacteria and toxins are able to “leak” through the intestinal wall.” –

Inflammation along our intestinal wall may be caused by a combination of stress, poor lifestyle choices, poor eating habits (including unknown toxins in our food) and a lack of particular nutrients such as good bacteria.

It’s very important to know whether or not this is an issue because leaky gut can lead to other disorders or diseases such as arthritis, irritable bowel disease, chronic fatigue and more frequent colds or flu.

11 Symptoms To Watch Out For

Signs or symptoms that you may have leaky gut include the following. (Please note that it will typically be a combination of these symptoms rather than just one or two.)

Frequent gas and bloating

Pale, soft, oily stool

Food allergies or intolerances

Candida overgrowth

Skin disorders

Frequent colds or flu

Brittle nails


Achy joints

Erratic mood

Forgetfulness or ‘fogginess’

Ways To Treat Leaky Gut

I understand that sometimes trying to reduce stress in your life can be difficult but it is very important!

Stress can lead to a number of health issues. As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, meditation, even if just for a few minutes a day, may help significantly.

More ways to treat leaky gut include:

Avoiding drugs, cigarettes and alcohol

Avoiding fried foods

Switching to organic foods

Adopting an alkaline, whole food, plant based diet

Natural supplements such as MSM to assist with repair of the cellular wall (Read more about MSM in my blog: Total Cell Rejuvenation.)

Number One Solution For Leaky Gut

A product that has helped me and many of my clients with various digestive issues is:

Leaky Gut Defense by Pure Therapeutics

This product contains a synergistic blend of natural supplements to aid in the healing process including: l-glutamine, arabinogalactan, licorice and aloe vera.

(I discuss a couple of these supplements in my NEW video: 3 Ways to Heal Your Gut.)

Pure Therapeutics is a small company that is passionate about helping others with natural supplementation. They use GMP certified facilities for better quality assurance. They are determined to provide affordable wellness to customers by using the highest quality, scientifically proven ingredients.

A Special Note From Pure Therapeutics

“You can’t hurry healing. Allow time to heal. The body heals at it’s own rate. A leaky gut didn’t happen overnight and it won’t turn around overnight. Leaky Gut Defense is an effective component of a total gut well-being program but it’s not a substitute for necessary lifestyle changes. So, give your body time and the necessary components to heal.”

For more information: Leave a comment below or book a session with me HERE.

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