About Me

About Me
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B.A. Sociology Oakland University

Cynthia grew up in Southeastern Michigan and has always been passionate about serving others. She obtained her BA in Sociology at Oakland University in 2001 and moved on to counsel inner city teenagers. Her dedication to the community became center-focused on nutrition, fitness and natural living while trying to improve her own health concerns.

She discovered that living a healthy lifestyle was the best way to help her family and friends. After 15 years of independent study on health and wellness, Cynthia received her Holistic Nutrition Counselor Certification from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA) in August 2017. She continues to search for new ways to give you optimal health.

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and irritable? Do you have major health concerns? Have you tried almost everything under the sun to claim optimal health without success? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, my proven method will work for you.

What Others Say...

"She was able to match their nutritional needs..."

Cynthia was one of the most knowledgeable employees that my husband and I ever had working at our health nutrition store. By conversing with our customers, she was able to match their nutritional needs with their particular issues. Customers would purposely return when Cynthia was working, in order to benefit from her advice. The positive energy that she brings to every situation enhances the experience. She is both wise of mind and heart.

Sandy B.
 Mary Z.

"Cynthia has had a BIG influence in my nutrition..."

“O.K. I am so proud to say that Cynthia has had a BIG influence in my nutrition. When my cholesterol went up I said to myself "I will not be taking meds". I consulted with Cynthia. She recommended me to take Guggul. I have been taking Guggul for 10 yrs now and it has worked. My high cholesterol is inherited but I manage it by diet and exercises and taking my Guggul. Thank you, Cynthia. 

"The Love that Cynthia has for wanting to help..."

"I can not express the love that Cynthia has for wanting to help people naturally! She is always there to help with any questions we may have. We were talking about sunscreen on vacation, shortly after returning she had sent an e-mail on the different oils that are natural sunscreens. I had no idea!! It was so interesting to learn about that!"

Jenny M.
Amy S.

"Cynthia is an Inspiration..."

Cynthia has inspired me to add salads into my daily routine that make me more energized throughout the day.

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