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Your Health Is Not A Game

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Chess Game

It feels like life is a chess game at times.  In regards to your health, your goal is to win, right? Well, of course!

Unfortunately, your opponent has their own objective, which is also to win.

The funny thing about this is that your opponent is actually yourself.

At the beginning of any given day, we want to feel good, but also at the beginning of everyday, we hear voices in our head telling us what we think we want.

Do I really want that donut my co-worker shared with me?  Do I want that 5th cup of coffee!?

Sounds silly, but it’s true, I’m sure you can relate.

You make a zillion decisions throughout the day not only for your life but also and most importantly, your health.


Inner Voice Vs. Ego

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, That One Supplement I Always Take , when you’re in the healing process, it’s beneficial to listen to your inner voice a.k.a. intuition or higher self.

But how do we do this?

We are all born with intuitive abilities but it’s difficult to pay attention because our human, ego mind is constantly in a chattering state.

Our ego mind not only gives us a ‘boosted ego’ but also gives us a lot of negative feedback.  It tells us to be afraid, to judge others, to judge ourselves and is full of insecurities.  Whereas, our inner guidance tells us simply that we are loved.


Loving Your Body

If we truly respect and love ourselves, including our body and our mind, we would care for it the same way that we would care for anyone we truly love or a possession that we adore.

People who love their car, keep it clean, give it the best gas, get regular oil changes and tire rotations…etc.

We are sitting here, living in our bodies and treat it, rather feed it crap on a regular basis.  This just doesn’t make sense.

I agree, that everything in moderation is important, no crazy dieting here!  But I promise you that even treats can taste good and be healthy at the same time.

You wouldn’t go feed a ton of sugar to a diabetic would you?

Why would you eat an oreo just because it’s vegan?  That doesn’t make it healthy.

There are many options to get you on the right track towards transforming your health.


Juice Cleanse

Is it time for a reboot (as coined by Joe Cross)?

If you’re ready to go with me on a journey towards healthy living but haven’t been making the best choices when it comes to food, the best way to ‘reboot’ is through a really good detox program.

We can modify your detox according to your needs and lifestyle.

You may easily begin by switching out unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy ones.

Some people enjoy doing a juice cleanse.  That is a great option.

During a juice cleanse, you will drink cold-pressed, raw juice from fresh produce in place of meals and snacks. This is generally only done for a short period of time.

Fresh juice is nutrient dense and aids with alkalizing the body. Click this link Juicing for Beginner’s to download or purchase a recipe book which explains the health benefits of specific fruits and vegetables.

Usually you would juice everything at home with your juicer but a lot of local juice bars such as, Crop Juice, provide for you, a full juice cleanse, ready to go.


Time To Detox

If you feel that you can’t do a juice cleanse due to health complications or believe that juice fasting is too overwhelming, there is still another choice.

As I say often, the body has the ability to heal itself and can therefore, detox on it’s own.  This is possible only when fed a healthy diet and lots of water.

Detox programs or kits speed up this process. The reason that I suggest doing a cleanse when you’re transforming to a healthier lifestyle is because it makes it easier to make good food choices.  It may also make it easier to abstain from substances such as drugs or alcohol.

Here are others things you may expect during or after a cleanse:

  • Better digestion
  • Mental clarity
  • Clearer, glowing skin
  • Regularity
  • Feeling lighter
  • Balanced weight
  • Less bloating
  • More energy
  • Reduced cravings
  • Boosted immune system
  • Heightened awareness

Do you think that you could benefit from a cleanse?


Are You Ready?

Click DETOX to purchase Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit which includes instructions and vegan probiotics.

Be sure to read the full instructions provided and also be aware of common symptoms during a cleanse.

Still not ready?  Book your session with me or private message me on Facebook.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Be well always,

Cynthia Moon


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