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What Others Are Saying...

Becky S

Cynthia is absolutely amazing! 

Cynthia is absolutely amazing. She is above all kind and compassionate and really listens to your wants and needs. She always has the answer and provides thorough explanations to make sure you understand the steps you need to take towards healing and improving. I often use her pages and websites as references when I am looking for information. I am so grateful!

Becky S.

sandy b

Cynthia was one of the most knowledegable employees... 

Cynthia was one of the most knowledgeable employees that my husband and I ever had working at our health nutrition store. By conversing with our customers, she was able to match their nutritional needs with their particular issues. Customers would purposely return when Cynthia was working, in order to benefit from her advice. The positive energy that she brings to every situation enhances the experience. She is both wise of mind and heart.

Sandy B.

mary zirles

Cynthia has had a BIG influence on my nutrition...

I am so proud to say that Cynthia has had a BIG influence on my nutrition. When my cholesterol went up I said to myself "I will not be taking meds". I consulted with Cynthia. She recommended me to take Guggul. I have been taking Guggul for 10 yrs now and it has worked. My high cholesterol is inherited but I manage it by diet and exercises and taking my Guggul.

Mary Z.


Her warmth supports me in my journey...

Cynthia’s hands-on knowledge and personal experience combined with her warmth supports me in my journey to optimal health. Easy to follow directions for recipes as well her ability to explain the science behind food, supplements, and all things health related make her my go-to for questions and support. Cynthia’s an amazing human being!

Lisa F.

About Cynthia:

If this is your first time here, WELCOME! You're in a trusted and sacred environment. You'll want to return frequently as I continue to bring you the most relevant and beneficial scientific studies on how to improve and maintain optimal health.

Twenty years ago, I suffered from several health issues and tried to receive help from the medical community.  A few prescription drugs later I knew in my heart that I had a better option.

I began studying holistic wellness and alternative medicine and became obsessed with uncovering the truth about proper nutrition, food combining, natural supplementation and spiritual healing.  

Not only did I find ways to overcome my own health issues, but I have also been serving the community, my family and friends for the last 20 + years. 

In August of 2017, I obtained my Holistic Nutrition Consultant Certification from American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA) funded by other holistic practitioners who care deeply, as I do, about optimal health. 

Also, in November of 2022, I became double certified as a Spiritual Counselor and Coach with the Place of Bliss Academy, as well as with the Transformation Academy. 

I specialize in helping people look within for higher guidance for overall improvement of health and well-being, as well as natural supplementation, plant-based eating and gut health.

Make Your Journey Towards Optimal Health Easy & Fun With My Simple & Effective Approach!