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Image April 3, 2017 Addiction Recovery,Mission,Total Wellness Cynthia

I’m so happy and honored that you’ve stopped by to interact with me, Cynthia Moon, on my FAVORITE topic:  YOUR  HEALTH!   I always knew I wanted to help people in a BIG WAY but I wasn’t sure exactly which route to take.  There have been many random (or not so random) events in my life

Why Plant Based Iron Is Superior
Image November 19, 2017 Total Wellness zane@zane-white.com

One of the concerns that some people have when transitioning to a plant-based or a vegan diet is obtaining adequate amounts of iron. Interestingly enough, only 1/3 of iron in a typical or Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) comes from meat sources. Plant foods are rich in non-heme iron while heme iron is sourced from meat

Is There A Secret To Greater Longevity?
Image October 23, 2017 Total Wellness zane@zane-white.com

Not all of us want to know the secret to greater longevity.  Sounds morbid right?  Well, think about it…   With modern technology and advanced medicine we, as humans, have the ability to live longer lives but if we’re roaming around not feeling as spunky as we did when we were teenagers, why would we

Gluten-Free Plant-Based Oat Bars
Image October 15, 2017 DIY,Food,Recipe zane@zane-white.com

As you might understand with this recipe of mine, I tend to get bored with the same snacks. With this recipe, I give you options to which ingredients to use that still fall under the category gluten-free, as well as, vegan. So whether or not you prefer sunflower butter or peanut butter, you have options.

What Is Holistic Nutrition & Why Does It Matter?
Image October 15, 2017 Food,Total Wellness zane@zane-white.com

What is this term ‘holistic’ when it refers to nutrition as well as the medical field?   Holistic or ‘wholistic’ like the title of T.Colin Campbell’s book Whole-Rethinking the Science of Nutrition refers to treating the body as a whole, considering all parts of the body including emotional, mental and even spiritual being.   When

Natural Skin Care Products and Remedies
Image October 14, 2017 dairy,DIY,Food zane@zane-white.com

I thought I had it bad during my teen years, hoping my mother wouldn’t make me go to school because I had yet another zit break-out. Is the word, ‘zit’, still even used?! Whatever you want to call it, zit or blemish…I had bad acne when I was a teenager which lasted throughout my 20’s

Regain Your Balance
Image September 28, 2017 Gut Health Cynthia

  You don’t have to suffer stomach woes any longer.   Learn to listen to your body and what it needs to feel the best it possibly can.   Not sure how to do this?  Book your next session with me HERE     I can certainly speak from experience what it’s like to have

Grateful Recovering…
Image September 10, 2017 Addiction Recovery Cynthia

Sometimes when people find out that I’m a recovering alcoholic or I tell them that I don’t drink, they say, “Oh, I’m sorry.” My usual response is a genuine smile and a simple reply, “Don’t be.” I remember when I first started going to AA meetings many years ago and I would hear some people