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Carlos B.

I am blessed to know her...

Cynthia is the first person I go to for nutritional supplement advice.  She takes the time to know what's best for me.  I am blessed to know her.

Carlos B.

Frank Angela

I highly suggest that you at least give it a try...

Since I keep very busy as a small business owner of Enlightened Promotions, L.L.C. and also as a single mother, it is a struggle to exercise regularly, keep up with my social life, and somehow find time to cook healthy food for myself and my son.  

With Cynthia as a consultant, I never have to be concerned.  Cynthia will eloquently tie in all subjects relating to health issues/ concerns you may have.  She goes much above and beyond what is expected (which is quite rare and a breath of fresh air).

Lastly, this is my favorite part: She delivers a plethora of knowledge in a nonjudgmental way and even offers to help you through your journey.

If you have not made an appointment with Cynthia White, I highly suggest that you at least give it a try. It is a great value and your health and well-being will thank you immensely. 

Angela F.

jenny m

She is always there to help...

I can not express the love that Cynthia has for wanting to help people naturally! She is always there to help with any questions we may have. We were talking about sunscreen on vacation, shortly after returning she had sent an e-mail on the different oils that are natural sunscreens. I had no idea!! It was so interesting to learn about that!

Jenny & Chris M.