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Ayurveda Part 1

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Ancient Medicine

Ayurveda – What is that?!  Responded one of my closest friends while I suggested some natural remedies for healing.  I then showed her one of my favorite books on Ayurvedic medicine, which she then responded, “Well, of course, you would have that!”

Ayurvedic medicine dates back to 5,000 BC in India and is still utilized in about 80% of their current population.

It is a complete medical practice which considers all parts of the body and is used to assist with many things from common ailments to chronic illness.

Ayurveda originates from the Sanskrit word “Ayus” and “Vid” which means Life and Knowledge.  Ayurveda is a medical system which incorporates science and philosophy, as well as, our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Where to Begin

I believe that Ayurveda is very complex and suggest you find a local practitioner, healer or naturopath where you live.  I would be very happy to suggest such individuals (private message me on Facebook  for more information.)

Now that we have a brief understanding of Ayurveda, I would like to share with you some of my favorite supplements used within this belief system.  (Stay tuned for Ayurveda Part 2 for more of my favorites).


The following are ones that I’ve used personally so I can only give you advice on these.  (Please see disclaimer on my about page)

Ashwagandha, which I’ve mentioned in a previous blog and is suggested by one of my favorite mentors, Deepak Chopra, is considered to be an Indian Ginseng because it is also an adaptogenic herb.

Adaptogenic herbs are those that allow our bodies to adapt to different levels of stress.  While, Ashwagandha and Ginseng are both known for helping us increase energy, they may also assist our bodies with relaxation.

Ashwagandha has become more popular in recent years by different supplement brands and is added to blended formulas for the reason of enhancing various health benefits.

Other known reasons for taking Ashwagandha are:

– Improve Immune System

– Balance Thyroid Hormones  &  Blood Sugar

– Normalize Cholesterol  &  Cortisol

– Improve Mood  &  Adrenals

– Anti-cancer  &  Antioxidant  &  Anti-inflammatory

– Promotes Brain Health

Mental Health

Another ayurvedic supplement for brain health is Brahmi, also known as Bacopa Monnieri and in my house, we just call it bacopa or brah – yes, we have nicknames for it because we just like it that much.

While I don’t remember to take it all of the time.  It has really helped me during times of mild depression.  It is even more well known for aiding our bodies to regenerate brain tissue.  You may google Bacopa or Brahmi, ‘Ayurvedic research for brain health’ to learn more.

My husband takes it daily because he deals with many different clients in different industries so his memory and overall cognitive function have to be on point!!!  Here’s a breakdown of what Brahmi is good for:

– Brain Health

– Eliminates Toxins (Liver Health)

– Aids Hypoglycemic Infants

– Antioxidant

– Normalizes Vascular Muscle

– Manages Autoimmune Response

– Assists Patients with Opioid Addiction

Sacred Herb

Tulsi, a.k.a. Holy Basil (insert smiley face since it literally makes me SMILE!!!)  If you’re a tea drinker, I highly suggest trying some organic Tulsi tea, if you haven’t already.  It is simply wonderful.

It is also available in pill form like all of the Ayurvedic supplements I’m mentioning in this blog.

The first time I heard of Tulsi was from a friend who follows the religious practice known as Harikrishna.  He wore tulsi beads that you may often see on yogis as a necklace or bracelet.

As a supplement, it is very helpful in promoting a centered calmness in the body and it also helps regulate blood sugar.  It is definitely worth trying!

Digestive Health

Last but certainly not least is Triphala – a popular digestive aid.

Triphala is used on a regular basis for those who have difficulty eliminating as well as for those who need that extra ‘push’.  Sounds gross, I know, but healthy bowel movements are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

It is essential that we eliminate on a regular basis.  Most holistic doctors have told me that we must eliminate multiple times a day.  If everything is functioning properly for you – be grateful. But, for the rest of us, triphala has been a miracle worker.

It contains three (hence the ‘tri’ part of the word) plants:  Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki, together they help our bodies with the following:

– Bowel Cleansing  &  Regularity

– Healthy Digestion

– Healthy Weight Management

– Toxin Eliminator

– Antioxidant


I suggest using Triphala as needed rather than on a regular basis alongside a healthy diet (which includes lots of water!)  Triphala, if used every day, may cause mild diarrhea for some people.  So, please use with caution.


Thank you for sticking with me through this blog and guess what….there’s more to come!  So please stay tuned in….for Part 2 of Ayurveda with a personal experience from a family member who has significantly benefited for many years using an Ayurvedic supplement.

Next Blog Topic:  Ayurveda Part 2

Until then, be well!

Cynthia Moon


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