Diet Is Not A Bad Word

Evil Words

So I decided that I wanted to write this blog about natural weight loss but like most people, I dislike the word ‘diet’ as it relates to ‘weight loss’.  If you search synonyms for ‘weight loss’, Google hands you the following:  fast, reduce, slim, starve, count calories, eat sparingly, fall off, skinny down, go without and tighten belt.

Okay, come on now, those are just evil words.  I would never use those terms when speaking to a client about losing weight.  Their eyes would bulge at me and they’d walk away or hang up the phone.

The word ‘diet’ itself has been greatly misinterpreted for many years.  Diet simply means a person’s nutrition plan or what is most commonly eaten.

Common Problem, Common Question

While working at various vitamin stores throughout my life, I was often asked, “What’s going to help me lose weight?”

I truly believe there isn’t just one thing for everyone.  What I do know and understand is that we are complex people with similar issues.  It’s important to really feel what’s going on with your body, listen to your inner self and make positive changes as best we can.  There isn’t a quick way to do this.  Quick solutions like extreme weight loss or ‘dieting’ oftentimes is very unhealthy for our bodies and our minds.

Positivity & Mindset

The one thing that is crucial for everyone is to think positive thoughts about ourselves.  I know this sounds super cheesy….but it is just so important!

If you focus on your love handles, they will continue to be there.  But if you focus on strength, you will get stronger.  Three of my favorite authors, Louise Hay , Abraham-Hicks  and Bob Proctor have numerous books and audio CD’s that are very useful to get you started on switching your mindset to a positive one.

While you’re working on updating your mindset, it is helpful to begin making small changes to your nutrition plan.  I’m not going to sit here and type out a long list of ‘shoulds’ or ‘shouldnts’ of what to eat or not eat because you know what is good for you.  Learn to listen to your body.

Is your body having an inflammation response?  If so, read Anti-inflammatory Foods for more information.

So Sick

In America, we spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out why we are so sick, so often.  My biggest concern is that most of our foods are toxic.  They are seriously making us ill!  If I ate a bunch of junk food, I know from previous experience that I wouldn’t feel good and I definitely would not be in the right mindset either.

After, I began my sobriety, I became addicted to sugar.  This was most likely due to the fact that  alcohol converts to sugar  in the body.

So, I gained roughly 20 pounds which was the same amount I gained freshman year of college when I was drinking a lot of beer and going to Taco Bell late at night.

Besides the weight gain, I began having many symptoms including acne, foggy brain, achy joints, chronic fatigue, candida, bloating, uncontrollable cravings and eyesight issues.

Natural Weight Loss or Detox Aids

I discovered that there were a few supplements that could help me with my sugar cravings including detoxing my body and balancing my sugar levels back to a normal range.

Detox/cleanse kit

First and foremost, you need to do a cleanse!  I added the exclamation point there to express it’s importance.  Begin your cleanse now: BioCleanse Kit


Probiotics are my go-to and most recommended supplement for pretty much everything.  As it relates to this topic, it is crucial for allowing you to regain your balance and protect your from candida overgrowth.  They will also help keep you more regular.

Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

A famous Japanese study founded that daily intake of apple cider vinegar promotes weightless.  I suggest taking a ounce shot first thing in the morning or before a meal to reduce sugar cravings (if you can stand the taste).


Glutamine which is more well known for promoting muscle mass when taken in large amounts is a non-essential amino acid which repairs the gastrointestinal system and also cuts sugar cravings.

MCT oil (Coconut Oil)

Organic coconut oil or extra virgin coconut oil contains caprylic acid which combats candida and reduces appetite.  Some people following a diet regimen have found that the Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT’s in the coconut oil help boost their metabolism and increase energy especially for those with hypothyroidism.

Relora (Magnolia Bark)

Magnolia bark is commonly found at vitamin stores under the name ‘Relora’.  This natural supplement is a non-stimulant that reduces cravings by promoting a positive mood.


Depression sufferers have found that by taking 5-HTP which is derived from the amino acid, L-Tryptophan, increases serotonin in the brain and therefore reduces appetite when overeating is caused by depressive symptoms.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia is a very popular ‘diet’ supplement.  It is a plant native to India and some other Asian countries.  It has been shown to keep glucose levels in normal range but has recently lost some credibility in the market due to over commercialization.


Chromium is a natural mineral that helps to balance blood glucose levels.  The claim here is that if you’re sugar levels are in normal range, you won’t feel the urge to reach for sugary treats.  My suggestion will always be to eat a variety of vegetables on a daily basis to get adequate amounts of nutrients.  If needed, take liquid mineral drops which also contain trace minerals.  (This may be purchased at your local vitamin or health food store.)

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is considered ‘true’ cinnamon since it contains this amazing, authentic spice.  Simply add it to appropriate food dishes.  You may also find this in pill form at your local health food or vitamin store.  Cinnamon helps with sugar metabolism and high blood pressure.


While learning to eat healthier, I found within myself having more energy and confidence to workout on a regular basis.  I began by walking and finding cool videos on Youtube such as kickboxing because for me it’s important to have fun in the process, because then what’s the point?!

Since then, I’ve added hand weights to my normal exercise program and I follow a few different trainers online such as Kat Musni.

If you have an injury or find it difficult to workout there are many more wonderful workouts like Jessica Smith’s Chair Workout  or her Safe Beginner Workout.

While working out and at all times, remember to drinks lots of water.  Don’t like water?!  Try this: Water Infusions.

Progress Not Perfection

Because of my increased workout schedule, I’ve recently had to increase my calorie intake and I continue to feel better each day.  Most people wouldn’t consider exercise to be fun but habits can become a ritual.

I am truly grateful and I urge you, if you haven’t already, to make positive changes for yourself now!  There’s no time to waste.  Do it for yourself because you deserve to live the best life possible and remember that there’s no such thing as perfection.  Love yourself no matter where you are.  You are worth it.

Be well.

Cynthia Moon

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