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Probiotics & Related Health Concerns

While I’ve personally had luck finding a good probiotic supplement such as those listed on My Favorites page (<—- Click the link!)….many people question and some research has been done on whether or not these supplements contain actual ‘live strains‘ of healthy flora.

That’s very important when you’re taking probiotics for health concerns such as:



Immune System

Skin Health


Proper Nutrient Absorption

Celiac Disease

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Mental Health


You may not realize just how crucial it is to be mindful of your gut health a.k.a. microbiome.

In the last decade, scientists have discovered that there are over 10,000 different bacteria in our body.  Our body is only 10% human cells and bacteria makes up the other 90%.

It’s also good to understand the importance of eating fibrous plant foods to obtain your prebiotics which I explain further in my blog: Brain Belly Interconnection.

Like I said earlier, I’ve had good luck finding probiotic supplements that work for me which I take on a daily basis. You may want to look for one that is for your specific health needs and also one that is enteric coated which will allow the live strains to get past stomach acids.

Another thing that I recommend for you is to find a fermented food that you enjoy.  While I love Kombucha and raw sauerkraut, not everyone does.

Here is a complete list of fermented foods that I would recommend (If I miss anything – Please comment below or PM me on Facebook.)

Fermented Foods


Vegan Yogurt (Click link for different brands you may find at your local store.)




Kefir (To make it yourself and to purchase your own kefir grains, go HERE!)

Pickled Beets


Raw Sauerkraut (Click link for an at-home recipe)


All of the above contain specific live strains which benefit both digestion and immune health.

Non-Dairy Homemade Yogurt


1 can full fat Coconut milk

2 Probiotic capsules

1/2 Tablespoon Maple syrup OR 1 tsp. organic cane sugar (This is necessary for the culture which feeds off of the sugar.)

1/8 tsp. Vanilla extract (for taste)


  • Pour the coconut milk into a glass jar and stir or whisk to break up any non-blended bits.
  • Twist to open the probiotic capsules then add the contents of the probiotic capsules to your coconut milk and stir/blend together.
  • Cover the mixture with a clean dish towel or cotton napkin, then secure with a tight rubber band.
  • Place the glass jar after covering in a dark cool to room temperature area of your kitchen.
  • Leave it for 24 – 48 hours.  The difference in time depends on how tart you prefer your yogurt.  Letting it sit longer will make it taste more tart a.k.a. sour.
  • After this, simply eat & enjoy.  I like to add organic frozen berries.
  • This next step is very important! Be sure to put the remaining yogurt in the refrigerator.  It should keep for about 7 days.  Any longer than that, you will have to toss it because it will mold.

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