September 28

Regain Your Balance

Gut Health


Gut Problems

You don’t have to suffer stomach woes any longer.

Learn to listen to your body to find out what it needs to feel the best it possibly can.  (Not sure how to do this?  Book your next session with me HERE)

I can certainly speak from experience what it’s like to have to worry about those uncomfortable bathroom moments.

While my 20’s were supposed to be fun and exciting…I was silently suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS.

I had a few embarrassing moments while dating.  There were times when I had to cut it short, not because the date failed my expectations but because of awful pains in my stomach with a sudden urge to run to the bathroom.

My gut or rather my intuition warned me that I was creating these problems for myself due to poor nutrition, a weak immune system and alcohol abuse.

Symptoms & Solutions

Luckily during my management experience at a health food store I had the opportunity to gain specialized training in digestive health.

I started taking probiotic supplements (and I still do today) on a daily basis.  Probiotics are healthy bacteria, organisms or microbiota that aid in increasing flora in your microbiome a.k.a. gut.

I noticed that almost immediately, I started feeling back in balance which I had not felt for a long time.

My symptoms included:


Foggy Brain

Irregularity (constipation & diarrhea)



Achy Joints

Stomach Pain


Fear of Eating


L-Glutamine & Probiotics

While probiotics began to heal my body in many ways, I also needed to repair my intestinal lining.

For that, I highly recommend supplements such as Leaky Gut Defense  by Pure Therapeutics. This product significantly improves the health of your gut by repairing the mucosa lining of the stomach.  It calms, soothes and regulates the digestive tract, therefore making it strong again.

Leaky Gut Defense is very effective, absorbs well and acts quickly.  I have helped many people, including myself with this product.

I would also highly suggest supplementing with probiotics.  Pure Therapeutics also has a pharmaceutical grade Power Probiotic Daily. There are a few other great brands on the market as well.

Click HERE to read more about probiotics and digestive health.  It is my specialty so feel free to book your next session with me as well.

Until then, be well!

Cynthia Moon

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