October 15

What Is Holistic Nutrition & Why Does It Matter?

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Holistic vs. Modern Medicine

Holistic or ‘wholistic’ like the title of Dr.T.Colin Campbell’s book, Whole-Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, refers to treating the body as a whole, considering all parts of the body including emotional, mental and even spiritual being.

When comparing it to modern western medicine which focuses on specific parts of the body or even specific symptoms, holistic doctors and nutritionists look at the entire body to assist with healing the whole body.

While we are incredibly thankful to modern medicine for saving lives with the latest technologies and equipment, medical doctors are not receiving the education in school to properly treat the whole body system.

Nutrition Education

“The amount of nutrition education that medical students receive continues to be inadequate.” –  National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine.

The other big issue is that dietitians receive training from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association.

“The Academy has faced controversy regarding corporate influence related to its relationship with the food industry and funding from corporate groups such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola,Mars, and others.” – Wikipedia.com (From various sources – This is no secret!)

“Questions about corporate influence have bedeviled the organization for years.” – The New York Times

Still, we are grateful for doctors even with the over-prescribing of pharmaceutical drugs which again, saves lives, but have a slew of side effects including death!

Optimal Health

Modern technology has allowed humans to live longer but are we thriving?!

While health care is supposed to be just that…health…care…is it taking care of our health or stealing our wallets?

Call me crazy but I’d rather take my chances eating fresh, beautiful, energizing, nutrient dense, plant-based foods rather than popping pills.

Holistic Nutrition Consultants, such as myself, have the desire to guide others to learn how to heal their own bodies from illness.  We look at the whole body system and sometimes use natural herbs and superfoods to assist with the healing process.

I don’t put anyone on a diet but instead help clients to listen to their bodies.  I help you find ways to develop long-term healthy habits to gain optimal health.

Disease Prevention

Numerous amounts of research back the theory that eating primarily plant based or even 100% plant based can not only prevent disease but also reverse disease.

I truly believe that if you continue to research science based evidence regarding the best and healthiest diets for humans, you will feel compelled to make some dietary changes and most of all…you will feel amazing.

Your whole body, mind and spirit deserve to feel amazing always!

Connect with me to learn more about my proven method for healing YOU.

Leave your comments below or book your session with me now.

Be well always.  You deserve it.

Cynthia Moon

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