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Dirt And You

Gut Health


Homeostatic Soil Organisms

Why is it important to eat dirt every once in awhile?

Huh?  No, I don’t mean literally go outside and eat dirt.

What I’m talking about are Homeostatic Soil Organisms, or HSOs which “support healthy energy levels, promote digestive system health and help your body absorb nutrients more quickly and easily”….it’s what makes us, well, us.

It’s true, the Human Genome Project concluded that we have about eight million bacterial genes which is a lot more than the actual human gene!

Traditional Farming

Well, back in the day when ‘organic’ wasn’t a thing, we would pick fruit and vegetables, maybe rinse off the dirt, maybe not and EAT IT!  Guess what was on that delicious produce…good bacteria along with trace mineral-rich dirt.

I began looking into this because a lot of people, myself included, continue to suffer from digestive issues, as well as, a feeling of being ‘out of balance’ and lowered immune systems. Have you read Regain Your Balance?

Genetically Modified Organisms

Modern farming techniques including the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals have harmed the beneficial bacteria and weakened the nutrients available in the dirt that all plants thrive off of.  For the last 40 years, a well-known, chemical company began producing and selling to farmers the herbicide, glyphosate, which acts similar to an antibiotic.  This has, over a period of time, harmed the seeds and the soil that we need that is crucial for the continuation of farming, therefore, human survival.

” The currently catastrophic, but largely unrecognized…damage from GMO crops and industrial food production and distribution must be reversed.”    – Organicconsumers.org

When we use chemicals, take antibiotics and/or use anti-bacterial soap, we harm the good bacteria that actually keeps our bodies in homeostasis .

I have personally found it extremely healing to regularly consume probiotics, healthy bacteria, along with prebiotics from plant foods (the fiber or feeder for probiotics).

Healthy Bacteria

“The regular intake of beneficial microorganisms, or probiotics, is an extensively-studied approach for tapping into the health benefits bestowed by commensal microorganisms colonising the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of the healthy human host. ” –  US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

There is also proof from extended research at the Human Microbiome Project that healthy bacteria balance can also be helpful for metabolism.

Since the human body is a whole system working together, if one part is out of balance, it throws a curve ball to the rest of the system.

Natural Supplements

I have no relationship with the following companies but have tried both of them.  (I regularly switch my probiotic supplement to make sure I get a wide range of strains.  I also regularly consume fermented foods , such as, raw sauerkraut.)

Two such companies are:

Garden Of Life’s Primal Defense

Dr.Ohhira’s Original Formula

To try pharmaceutical grade gut health products click, Power Probiotic Daily.

For more information, book your session now.

Be well always.

Cynthia Moon

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