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Don’t Be Fooled By The Disease Care System

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If our health care system with all of it’s modern technology is supposed to be making us healthier, then why are we getting sicker!?

Many ailments plague our bodies including high rates of cardiovascular disease and an increasing rate of type II diabetes.  Meanwhile doctors are prescribing more prescription drugs even with all of their known and FDA approved side effects.

Why aren’t more people questioning what is the real cause of their symptoms rather than simply putting a bandaid on them with drugs.  Does it not seem unethical that Big Pharma can advertise to us directly?!

Holistic Nutrition vs. Modern Medicine

As one of the many species on this planet, we are designed to be AWESOME.  I mean, we have toes to keep us from falling over when we stand and skin that heals after being cut.  Every time we bite into an apple, a million different actions occur so that we may not only digest it, but we absorb the nutrients and also eliminate the rest.

The medical health care system is set-up to react to and focus on symptoms when they occur and use beliefs like genetics to point the finger at why someone would have those symptoms.   Haven’t you seen people defy the genetics that were ‘given’ to them by their parents?

Western medicine treatment ignores the complex, whole body system.  They also ignore proven studies that show a whole food, fiber rich, plant based diet provides for optimal health.

FDA guidelines have been tainted by large corporations including the meat and dairy industries who have close ties to those in power of what is recommended for Americans to eat.  It’s almost as if they are one sided or focused on one goal which seems to be greed.  Unless they are ignorant, they don’t have compassion towards the general public’s health.

Argument for a Plant Based Diet

Hundreds of  studies have been completed around the world by renowned scientists and researchers all of whom have proven that a whole food, plant-based diet not only prevents disease but may even reverse disease already in place within one’s body.

Such studies include The China Study  by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. who co-created the documentary, Forks Over Knives with surgeon, Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.   As mentioned in the film, Dr.Esselstyn had volunteers with cardiovascular disease, eat a 100% plant-based diet and showed significant signs of reversing their disease.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell also provided for us, numerous historical scientific data in his book, Whole: Rethinking The Science Of Nutrition. 

Meat Free Athletes

Many professional athletes have embraced a whole foods, plant-based diet because in order to do what they do, they have to maintain optimal health for optimal performance.

Such athletes including MMA fighters, the Diaz Brothers, Mac Danzig and Jake Shields, NFL football player, David Carter ,  former NBA star, John Salley, strength athlete, Patrik Baboumian , olympic gold winner, Carl Lewis, body builder, Torre Washington, race car winners, Lewis Hamilton and Leilani Munter, as well as, cyclo-cross racer, Molly Cameron.   That’s just to name a few.

These athletes train hard and their recovery time is extremely valuable.  A lot of them have stated in interviews that they have better recovery time and enhanced performance since becoming vegan.  So, imagine what it will do for you.

Optimal Health

I truly believe that a plant-based lifestyle will improve your life in the following ways:

Increased energy

Better sleep

Improved libido/virility (including healthy testosterone levels in men)

Mental focus

Healthier weight

Major disease prevention

Less frequency of colds/flu

Improved insulin tolerance

Reduced candida (bad yeast, bacteria)

Glowing skin

Clear eyes (and in some cases, improved vision)

Healthy ear, nose & throat (huge reduction in infections)

Maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Normal/regular elimination

Want more?!  Check out one of the many great Ted Talks with Rip Esselstyn, a former firefighter and author of The Engine 2 Diet .

Ready to start your plant-based lifestyle?  Book your session with me now.

Until then, be well!

Cynthia Moon

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