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Your Health

I’m so happy and honored that you’ve stopped by to interact with me, Cynthia Moon, on my FAVORITE topic:  YOUR  HEALTH!

I always knew I wanted to help people in a BIG WAY but I wasn’t sure exactly which route to take.  There have been many random (or not so random) events in my life when I was able to provide assistance to friends, family, acquaintances, and best of all…to total strangers.  From this, I have received so much JOY.


As a student at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, I became passionate about many different subjects including nutrition, exercise, language, psychology, family studies, substance abuse, criminology and my best subject: sociology.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I worked as a counselor at a youth detention facility in metro Detroit.  This was an extremely rewarding experience and one that I will cherish always, however, the facility was a bit more punitive than I felt comfortable with.  I believe wholeheartedly in treatment and teaching through compassion so I decided it was not the right environment for me.

Natural Health Journey

During that period in my life, I began to suffer from both physical and emotional issues.  I sought out help from doctors, therapists and specialists.  Unfortunately none of them could help me.  I also tried medications that made me very ill with side effects.

This was the starting point towards my natural health journey.  Before then, I thought I was doing well because I became a vegetarian, exercised regularly, quit smoking and at the time I didn’t drink any alcohol  (see next blog for my recovery story).  But even with all of that, I still had so much to learn about regarding good health specifically through supplementation, positive affirmations and especially a whole foods diet.

I went to the library almost every single day and studied alternative health.  I read every article I could get my hands on related to vitamins, herbs and foods that heal.  I also began to grasp the concept of the mind, body & soul connection.  I had a deep desire to learn more.

I began working at various health food/vitamin stores and have been helping myself and others obtain optimal health ever since.  I have experienced many amazing health transformation stories within my own life, my family, friends and clients.


During my recovery from alcoholism I started a new support group within my community.  From this experience I was reminded yet again how much I enjoy helping others.  During that time I also discovered how beneficial it is to focus on the healing aspect rather than the addiction.

Holistic Nutrition

Since then I have received my Holistic Nutrition Certification from the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA).

I’m proud to say that I have the background, experience and compassion to help YOU heal – It is my mission.


Be well always!

Cynthia Moon


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